Saturday, 19 January 2013

NHL 2013 Season Overview

As I have included regular season previews in my previous two posts, I will now lay down some outrights and hopefully won't have to add too many sections to this post where I see some value and adjustments to how we trade this market.

East Outright
Bruins (8/1) The Atlantic teams are too short, and if Boston can win their division, they are a top three seed and their depth should help them get past most teams.
Sabres (16/1) Have bulked up over the offseason and still retain a lot of speed in their forwards. Goaltending will once again be strong.
Capitals (19/1) Change in philospohies should help them become a contender once more and Alex Ovechkin can score any time he is on the ice.

West Outright
Blues (8/1) Best defensive team in the league, will be tough for any team to beat.
Wild (14/1) Made a lot of big money free agent signings and goals was the only thing they lacked last year.
Oilers (20/1) Young squad, 3 consecutive No. 1 draft picks, if they can stay healthy and one the ice, they may be the last team skating.

Stanley Cup Winners
Rangers (10/1) Too short to win the conference, and if they win the conference you have to fancy them to win everything.
Bruins (18/1) They've only lost 4 players from the 20 that clinched game 7 in Vancouver.
Blackhawks (16/1) Should be suited by the shortened season and they're ready to compete again.

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